Graduate Certificate in Nursing Education

This online certificate is intended for those who are planning to enroll in the MSN or who are currently enrolled in the MSN program and wish to earn a dual MSN and Nursing educator certificate.

Graduates with a Nursing Education certificate are prepared to function in a variety of educational settings including schools and nursing and health care facilities. The Nursing Education Certificate provides a unique combination of courses to prepare the graduate in the pedagogical competencies essential to teach nursing in an increasingly complex health care environment. The technologically enhanced plan of study builds on advanced professional nursing competencies and emphasizes the use of a variety of assessment, instructional, curricular development and evaluative strategies that facilitate learning in culturally diverse populations.

The goals of the certificate are to:

  • Prepare nurse faculty with the knowledge, skills, and structured experiences to enhance classroom and clinical teaching and learning.

  • Prepare nurse educators from diverse backgrounds who can teach nursing students to provide culturally competent care for diverse communities.

  • Provide nurse educators with expertise in teaching technologically enhanced curricula and facilities that enhance learning.

  • Prepare nursing faculty and advanced practice nurses for professional certification as a nurse educator.

  • Graduates are qualified to sit for the NLN National Nurse Educator Certification.

Students gain clinical and classroom experiences working with nursing faculty and staff preceptors in nursing education programs and clinical agencies.

Course of Study

Courses - Total of 17 credits

Fall (Aug. – Dec.) – Semester 1 Credit Hours
NGR 6713 Curriculum Development in Nursing 3
NGR 6715 Instructional Tech. in Nursing and Health 2
Total Semester Hours 5

Spring (Jan. – May) – Semester 2 Credit Hours
ADE 6360 Adult Teaching Methods 3
NGR 6714C Clinical Teaching Strategies for Nursing 3
Total Semester Hours 6

Summer (May – Aug.) – Semester 3 Credit Hours
NGR 6708C Classroom Teaching Strategies 3
NGR 6718 Testing and Evaluation in Nursing Education 3
Total Semester Hours 6

* This course is taken if not completed in the MSN program.

What's Required

Proctored Exams / On-Site Participation
* Please note that online sections may require proctored exams/on-site participation. Please review our On-Campus Exams policies for further information.

Required Skills
Students enrolling in online courses will be expected to have moderate proficiency on a PC, be skilled in running an Internet browser, and be able to use Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.). They should also be able to use File Manager/Windows Explorer. Without these skills, students will have difficulty participating in online courses. With them, students can enjoy success and benefit fully from the interactivity of online learning.

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Required Hardware and Software
At a minimum, students must have the following in order to participate in an online course:

  1. Personal Computer
  2. Internet Service Provider
  3. E-mail account (provided by FIU or other)
  4. Internet browser (Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher recommended. No beta evaluation version please.)
  5. Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)
  6. Anti-virus software (McAfee or Norton)

The required system profile for the Personal Computer includes:

  1. Windows XP/Vista/7 or Macintosh OS X 10.4 (or higher)
  2. 256MB of RAM (512MB recommended); 1GB of RAM for Windows XP/Vista
  3. 6GB hard drive (100 MB or more of free disc space; 1 GB recommended)
  4. CD-ROM drive
  5. 56 Kbps v.90 modem (xDSL or cable modem recommended)
  6. Sound card and speakers
  7. Adobe Flash Player 9 (or higher)
  8. Adobe Reader 8 (or higher)

Visit the Software Resources page for additional information on software downloads that may be required and/or helpful in accessing information and documents on our Online Learning websites, and also within your online courses.


The applicant must:

  • Must complete MSN application or be fully admitted to the MSN program and meet all admission requirements for the MSN

  • Complete a FIU Graduate Admissions online application at the FIU Graduate School website. If you have any questions regarding this, you can call the FIU University Graduate School department at 305-348-7442.

  • Complete a College of Nursing Graduate Nursing Certificate application.

  • Have current RN license in Florida.

  • NOTE: In addition to graduate tuition and fees, nursing students are charged an additional fee of $105/credit for courses. The additional fee supports clinical instructional costs, a pre-certification review program, and laboratory/ technology supplies and costs.

Other requirements apply. Please contact the graduate nursing admissions office for more detailed information.

* Students lacking required courses must take them prior to registering for the Nursing Education Certificate specialty courses.

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